See what our patients have to say about Valley Oral Surgery in these reviews that have been posted on our Facebook page or sent to our office.


Dr. Laski, Thank you so much for the wonderful care. You’re a great oral surgeon and you have a wonderful team working with you! Thank you again. I feel great!


Thank you for the amazing care so far with my implant journey. Everyone has been so kind and concerned every time I called the office. I am so happy I found your surgical group to have this done. Please enjoy the cookies and thank you again to both my awesome doctor and staff.


Dr. Laski and staff… thank you very much for your kindness and generosity.


I have thought of many words to express my gratitude to you, but none were adequate to tell you how I appreciate how well you and your staff cared for me during the surgeries and visits. So, thank you. You’ve made my life so much better!


Thank you for taking care of my mother with gentleness and expertise. After a year of many difficult health issues, your kindness and generosity blessed her, and me, greatly.

Lori Ann

Awesome staff… very professional! They (Dr. Popowich) did both of my girls the same day which was super sweet! Thank you for taking good care of my children!


I want to thank everyone in the office for being so wonderful and kind to my son. Especially thanks to Dr. Laski for his generous and kind work for which my son and I will be forever grateful. People like you make “paying it forward” even more meaningful to us. You have confirmed that there are angels in this world. We can never thank you enough! You have brought happiness back to my son’s life! 


Dr. Cernansky performed my oral surgery on my wisdom tooth. I was a nervous wreck. The entire staff is excellent! He is an excellent surgeon! Everyone is so nice and comforting, and everything went smoothly! I am so happy I went here. I highly recommend this office!! Thank you to all of you for comforting me!


If you need excellent oral surgery, this is the place to go for the least painful, most professional procedures anywhere in the region. Excellent results and outstanding care!


Fantastic oral surgeons. Dr. Jaime Cernansky is super friendly and excellent at what he does. Ask for him when you schedule an appointment!


I had what I thought was a crown and a root canal start to give me pain. I pushed it off too long thinking it was the gums, then I went to my dentist. She took one look and said it was a rotten tooth, the nerve was exposed and it had to come out. I couldn’t seem to get an emergency appointment, then my dentist hooked me up with Valley Oral Surgery. They got me in that day, I had a referral, and was hoping I could have gotten it out that day… I would have even helped do it! I had Dr. Niral Parikh. He explained to me that I needed to be put asleep because there was not much left of that tooth, the roots would most likely break and need to be drilled, and my blood pressure was already high. I think he saw the horror in my eyes about making it through another night. He assured me he’d give it a big shot of Novocain, and give me some pain meds to get me through the night and get me in there first thing in the morning. I really appreciate the compassion he showed me. They fit me in and removed the tooth with no hitches whatsoever. In fact, it’s now 8:15 p.m., they pulled it at 7:45 this morning, and I haven’t needed any pain medication, not even the Motrin. I hope I don’t need to have any more work done, but I probably will and definitely will be requesting him to do it. Best thing is my 11-year-old even noticed I wasn’t crabby!


Very professional and super nice staff. My surgeon (Dr. Laski) was very nice and answered all the questions before putting me under for my wisdom teeth extraction. They call you to remind you of your appointment and do check up calls as well which I appreciated. Definitely recommend the Lehighton location!


My son had his wisdom teeth pulled. He is doing great! Wonderful, friendly doctors, staff, and overall experience. Thanks!!


Dr. Laski performed my wisdom teeth extraction and he did a phenomenal job. I am a nervous wreck when it comes to any type of surgery, but the team at Valley Oral made sure that I was as comfortable as could be for my surgery. From the moment that I had a consultation visit with Dr. Laski, he was extremely professional and took the time to sit down with me to show me the X-rays of my teeth and fully explain why my teeth needed to be extracted. I am so happy and thankful that I had my surgery done here and I strongly recommend this office.


What’s to love about getting a tooth extracted, except for the amazing Dr.Laski and staff. Thank you very much for your compassion and professional care ((hugs))!


This is the second visit I have had with VOS. The office staff is by far the nicest I have found and both doctors that I have seen have superb bedside manner, since I have terrible anxiety. I highly recommend!


Wonderful office. Friendly staff. Calm atmosphere. Dr. Popowich is a wonderful oral surgeon!!!!!


Awesome place. Doctors were great with your concerns. Nurses were kind. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out, and I had little pain. Just swelling.


Dr. Popovich and his staff are nothing short of wonderful in the care of my daughter.


Excellent place. Great doctor and nurses, even though I was nervous they were there and made me feel comfortable. I recommend this place to anyone with confidence. I was put to sleep. I didn’t feel a thing and when I woke up I was not even in pain. The following day wasn’t even painful, just slight discomfort and I had a molar pulled that was infected and an abscess. I will go there again anytime.


Great staff and I had 3 teeth pulled. Very nice. They were more reasonable than the other place i was referred to. They did a great job. Will go back again.


Staff was amazing and so was my surgery (2 wisdom teeth removed). It’s the next day and no swelling.


They’re very nice, caring, and treated me quickly.


My 9-year-old twin girls were in to have a large number of teeth pulled. Everyone at Valley Oral Surgery was so nice and took great care of them! We had a wonderful experience from the very beginning. I was so amazed when neither girl experienced any pain at all! Thank you so much to Dr. Laski and his team!!


Excellent professional staff. My son had all 4 wisdom teeth removed with no problems. They were great at listening to all our needs before my son left for USMC boot camp!! Thanks Valley Oral. We appreciate you 🙂


Hubbie was happy with them. We did not have to wait. They took him right it.


Great experience!


They are super friendly. Office is very clean. Had a wisdom tooth pulled with no pain at all… best dental surgery experience I ever had. Highly recommend to anyone needing dental surgery.


Two months after a tooth extraction, bone graft, and implant… post surgery I am healing nicely. I generally do not respond well to dental procedures or oral surgery, but this time the outcome was positive. As my fourth implant experience and first with this practice… I had the best total experience possible. Dr. Laski is an expertly skilled surgeon who is supported by an excellent clinical staff. I highly recommend Valley Oral Surgery for a comprehensive, professional, courteous experience. I was well cared for and they have gained my confidence and respect.


I had 2 wisdom teeth remove one day and the very next day I was back to work. I was pain-free throughout the entire procedure and recovery time. The medical staff and doctor were very friendly, caring and made me feel safe & relaxed. I would recommend them to anyone.


It was like they said it would be. No pain and very friendly staff there. I would recommend to everyone.


Dr. Niral Parikh performed surgery for my first dental implant recently. I was quite anxious about this procedure, but Dr. Parikh and his staff were the absolute best in reassuring me. Afterwards, I really expected to be in pain, but I had NO PAIN! Dr. Parikh, you have magical hands!! Thank you and your great staff! I will sing your praises forever!


Had a very positive experience in getting a dental implant with Dr. Jaime Cernansky. I have never been so relaxed in a dental chair. I’ve had a great outcome with the dental work, and totally get a kick out of Dr. C admiring how nice his work turned out. He’s always so pleasantly surprised! 🙂 His assistant, Dominica, was wonderful to work with. She shared some great tips for my followup care that helped to provide a remarkable painless recovery. Definitely an asset to the practice! Do I want another implant? No. But, if I had to, I know it is here that I would come.


Dr. Laski and staff were wonderful. Thank you so much for taking care of our daughter. We highly recommend Valley Oral Surgery.


Top-rate group of professionals. My wisdom teeth should have been pulled 7 years ago. I was too terrified to go, with so many horror stories. My tooth became infected and I was in agony. Valley Oral took me in right away, took amazing care of me, and Robert Laski, D.M.D. performed a flawless surgery that left me in less pain than my infected tooth had caused me. I will be forever grateful to him and the amazingly helpful, patient, and kind staff at Valley Oral Surgery.


A little over a year ago, I began the process of having all of my natural teeth removed and replaced with dental implants to support both permanent and snap-in appliances to restore my smile and bite. Dr. Robert Laski and his team at Lehigh Valley Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery did a wonderful job during all aspects of my treatment plan, and pain-free at that.

During my first visit, I went under general anesthesia to have my teeth removed, and several implants installed during the same procedure. The healing and recovery process was nearly pain-free (just a little discomfort while the swelling went down in a few days time). Initially, I had intended to use a snap-in lower appliance, and a standard upper denture, but after a few months, I realized that I wanted something a little bit ‘upgraded’. So, choosing to extend my treatment and healing plan, I went back in February 2015 and had additional implants added on the lower jaw, and 4 new ones added in the upper jaw so I could get a permanent lower appliance (non-removable), and a snap-in upper appliance (so as not to have to deal with denture cream or slippage).

During EVERY visit with Dr. Laski, he took great care to explain what was happening, and what to expect at every phase. Given that I tend to ask a ‘million’ questions, Dr. Laski ALWAYS made time for me to ask and have answered any question I had! (No rush job!).

In closing, if you or a loved one are in need of any surgical dental work, I STRONGLY recommend using the services of Dr. Laski and his team. They’re the best in the business (as far as I’m concerned!)


This place is amazing. I have been there twice and I highly recommend them.


This practice is the nicest, cleanest place I have ever been in! The staff and doctors are wonderful and they give you clear explanations of your procedure. The reception staff is kind and courteous which is very important to me since they are the first faces you see when you walk in!

Mary Anne

I recently had oral surgery at the Lehighton location. Dr.Parikh and the staff were excellent. Everyone was so kind and caring. I would recommend them to everyone. I drove an hour from Schuylkill County and it was well worth it. Thank You to all of the staff!!!


Excellent service! I was in today for wisdom teeth extraction surgery and I have no pain. Thank you team!!!


I recently visited the Lehighton office and I would recommend this group to anyone. It has honestly been the most pleasant experience I’ve ever encountered at any medical facility. Dr. Cernansky and the entire staff are extremely friendly and instantly make you feel comfortable.


Dr. Popowich did an amazing job fixing me after I broke my jaw in pieces! Staff are friendly and wonderful too! Definitely recommend this place!!


The best, great staff, everything runs so smoothly!! Great doctors, too! Dr. Popowich is the best!!


Valley Oral will always have my vote! Staff is great! Everyone is always friendly and accommodating!


The new office in Lehighton is wonderful and greatly needed in Carbon County. I called for an appointment for my consult for a wisdom tooth removal and was able to get in that day. I was able to get an appointment for the wisdom tooth removal within a week of the consult. The office staff are very nice and I didn’t wait long at all to be seen upon my arrival. Dr. Cernansky performed my surgery and is one of the kindest doctors I have had. He took time to answer any questions and explained everything in detail. Great job!


Dr. Parikh and the staff in the Bethlehem location are amazing. They were attentive to the needs of my son and were able to take care of us quickly and correct the problem. It was my son’s first tooth extraction and it went so well. Extremely happy.


Five stars!


Thank you, Dr. Parikh, for the fantastic job pulling my tooth. I had no pain or bleeding. I can’t believe how easily you got the tooth out and how at ease you made me feel.